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Monday, May 16, 2005

pa-borrow muna ng post from this LiveJournal.. parehong-pareho kasi kami ng sentiments, e..


Geez, still cant refrain myself from checking out your blog. Why do I find you so interesting? I want to know you more, I want to be close to you.

Everyday, lovely plans constantly enter my mind. I want you to experience those plans but I dont know how. Im afraid.

I think I'm starting to feel bad being so crazy over
bloghopping. If I didnt engage myself in exploring other journals, Im perfectly sure, I will have no idea about you. I wouldnt know that something true is still existing in this world of lies.

Allow me to touch your life, your heart.

I hate things like this, I cant do anything. Well yeah, I can do something but I dont know how to do it in the right way.

Please dont change your LJ
[dead giveaway.. sana mahalata mo..] account to "friends only". I draw strength from your entries. I still want to be strong.

I know I'm bound to love someone very soon. I just know.


i know i don't stand a chance.. what's to like about me? and if [and that's a very BIG if..] there IS something to like, will that be enough reason for me to be loved?


i saw light in one of your blog entries.. sana ako yung tinutukoy mo..

[teka lang.. inde yung quinote ko yung sinasabihan ko, ha.. siya..]


quote ko ulit..

Tangina. Naiiyak nako.

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