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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

as 01 June drew nearer, I was itching to get out of Magallanes.. I was getting tired of living there.. the jokes people make, the cold treatment towards me, and all other cruel stuff against my departure.. all those were too much for me to handle, so I just had to get out of there..

I was already imagining about the [almost] fresh start in Madrigal: the cozy environment, the warm people, the impressive amenities.. thinking of the new opportunities that lie ahead in Madrigal made the craving even worse for me..

pero nga lang, just when I was about to leave, saka ko lang siya nakilala.. I was getting strangely attracted to him.. no, ill-minded people, not an infatuation-type of attraction.. an attraction where I just want to be close friends with him.. sa maikling panahon na nakilala, nakausap, at nakakwentuhan ko siya, nalaman ko na marami pala kaming magkatulad na pinagdaanan.. yeah, I saw in him things that I thought only a best friend and I would share.. I still haven't had a best friend, I saw that potential in him, and yet we parted ways..

torn between the urge to leave and the desire to stay..

and to think I'm in Madrigal now..

sadness.. it kills me slowly..

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