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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

she's sending me signs.. ako naman si dedma..

i made it crystal clear to them the moment they asked me na i'll stay single throughout my academic career..

then why is she being too showy? ba 'yan!

besides, she's not my type.. she's too flirty for me..

unlike her..


haaaay.. she's a keeper talaga.. 'tis very hard to find one ngayon..

sayang.. someone of her stature doesn't deserve a being like me..

buti na rin at hindi siya nagpapaligaw ngayon.. lalang.. harhar!

ha! as if naman mababalikan ko siya.. aalis din lang naman kami, e..


he's sending me signals too.. mas dedma naman ako..

waaaaa.. sobrang awkward.. pati, bakit ako pa?

stop it!


bakit ganito ang buhay dito?!



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