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Friday, July 08, 2005

had our enrolment yesterday.. dammit, things didn't go the way that it's supposed to!

i don't want to take my humanities subjects kasi it won't be credited naman in the states, so there's no point in taking it, diba? i know that not all the majoring subjects that i take will be credited, pero at least i have a background na..

i left for school very, VERY early para inde ako maabutan ng mahabang pila sa bayaran.. pero soooooo many things went wrong talaga that i ended up staying in school the whole day..

first off, the fucking personnel in charge of adding subjects into our schedule didn't want me to add subjects that CoE students are supposed to take during our 9th quarter, even though i didn't violate the pre-requisite protocol.. paulit-ulit kong sinabi sa kaniya na okay lang naman kasi nakuha ko na yung pre-requisite subjects nun, so pwedeng-pwede ko nang kunin yun.. dunno what's up with that asshole, pero he sent me to the registrar's office at dun daw ako magpa-dagdag.. seems to me they send cases they can't handle to a higher order..

bah, turns out they share the same sentiments, only this time, they were more insistent to the point na halos sigawan ka na nila.. feeling pa nung babae na i don't get what she's saying.. peste..

tapos, nung nagpa-dagdag na ako ng subjects dun sa guy sa encoding room, naubusan na tuloy ako ng slot, both in [engineering mechanics for coe] and [electronics].. peste..

tapos, naubusan pa pala ako ng slot sa [fundamentals of materials science and engineering].. nag-open nga sila ng sections, pero umagang-umaga naman.. wag nalang..

so, i ended up taking [matlab], [discrete mathematics], [data structures and algorithms], and [differential equations].. hell, 10 units lang yan! andaming free time! amp!

well, buti nalang at pumayag ang mom ko na mag-enrol ako sa informatics ng short-term courses.. well, at least i'll probably be learning photoshop, flash, or dreamweaver, things that i would be learning if i took CS..

sayang.. Y_Y

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