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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i've been here in Bayombong since last friday.. yeah, it's been hell of a long time since i've been here..

nakakamiss nga, e.. sasakay ako sa tricycle, and i'd look out, reminiscing as i pass by FTM, RO, Miladis.. hay, 4 years din akong tumira dito..

Bayombong is such a reserved town, muntikan ko nang di kinaya ang culture shock nang lumipat kami sa Calamba.. nakakamiss na rin kasi yun..

nakaka-miss na rin kasi ang fresh air.. yeah, hindi maiiwasan ang usok from all the jeepneys and tricycles, pero fresh na rin ito relative sa atmosphere ng Calamba and Manila..

tomorrow night ang alis namin ng mom ko for Manila.. enrollment ko kasi sa Thursday.. kaya, heto, ninanamnam ko na ang mga sandali ko dito.. yeah, 5 days lang ako dito, pero i'm glad na rin na i'll go early, kasi the sudden civilization drop is too much for me to handle, e.. ^_^

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