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Saturday, July 02, 2005

is it just me, or is his head really too far up in the sky?

if i were in his position, i wouldn't go screaming, telling everybody "oh, this time i didn't cligittyplock it, so schwitzypooh to the gritclangzker who took me off my toiletygook.. but cherish it while it lasts, 'coz next time the glamishlingpoo will be mine again! mine, i tell you, mine! *sinister laugh*" ugh..

maybe it IS just me.. most prolly because it's the first time i felt endangered in that subject..

di bale.. next time, i'll be the rival that i never was, and the good thing about it is that he will never know.. yeah, sly monsy, catching him unaware..

yeah, this time, i'll prove what i'm worth..

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