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Monday, August 29, 2005

1.fave street food?
- isaw, kwekwek, chickenballs, squidballs, betamax..

2.fave pasta?
- palabok, pasta alfredo, bakedmac, and lasagna..

3.fave food pag summer?
- mais/banana-con-helo.. and i can't pass up on Halo Halo!

4.fave food pag umuulan?
- cream and corn soup.. don't forget mushroom soup!

5.fave food pag nanonood ng sine?
- popcorn xempre.. pero remember never ever buy popcorn during last full shows.. those pops are too damn 'makunat'!

6.fave shake?
- cookies and cream, cappuccino, black forest, and choco..

7.fave night-out drink?
- never do go out..

8.favorite softdrinks?
- coke light and sarsi..

9.fave food pag nasa beach?
- grilled burgers!

10.fave food pag galit?
- ice cream's supposed to calm people, although i never have tried it for myself..

11.fave cuisine Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Italian,
- both filipino and chinese.. can't get enough of century eggs!

12.fave dessert?
- can't get enough of leche flan..

13.fave breakfast?
- tapsilog and footlongsilog ng suqui's.. *wink wink*

14.fave kind of chocolate?
- dark choc.. supposed to keep my heart healthy..

15.fave food na iniihaw?
- sausages.. pati pala burgers and porkchops!

16.fave food na may sabaw?
- nilagang baboy..

17.gusto mong handa sa birthday mo?
- ewan.. 'tis been a long time since i've had one.. i like to keep things simple, see? place to have coffee?
- can't get enough of nescafe freez sa canteen!

19.saan sulit kumaen pg gutom?
- dati sa CS, pero sulit sa Suqui's, Faustina's, Sizzling Craze, and sa Canteen.. palaman sa tinapay?
- cheeze.. tuna.. ham..

21.favorite ice cream flavor?
- Cookies and Cream, Black Forest, Double Dutch, Rocky Road..

22.milo or ovaltine?
- milo since birth..

23.pagkain na hindi mo kakainin?
- fish that requires deboning, and stuff too exotic and disgusting for my tummy..

24.lagi ka bang gutom?
- iba-iba, e..

25.san ka willing mag spend para sa masarap na
- basta ba it's tuna..

26.anong pagkain ang gusto mo iuwi from lamay
pero hindi pwede?
- ewan.. kasi been in one only once, e....

27.anong gusto mong pagkain sa lamay mo?
- ice cream.. para masaya sila..

28.anong food ang ipag dadamot mo?
- tuna..

29.sinong kilala mong kain ng kain pero hindi
- marami.. kaiingit yung mga ganon, no? diet ng diet pero hindi pumapayat?
- ako.. haha!

31.Anong sikat na pagkain sa lugar nyo?
- adobo ni tita dito sa SnB..


sorry kung ganito lang update ko.. not in a write-y mood, e.. ^___^

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