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Thursday, August 25, 2005

no, i'm not jealous.. i'm just used to being the only one around her.. yeah, she's happy, and i'm happy for her too, pero i wouldn't want her to get hurt.. call me overprotective, but she's a really dear friend, and i care a lot for her.. overprotective? yes.. but jealous? no..

no, i don't think they're for each other.. something's suspicious 'bout that guy.. i just don't like him being around her.. something's just not right, i can feel it.. but, i can be wrong! know what? maybe i am wrong more than i am right.. bah! ewan ko ba..

and no, we're not together.. we're just friends.. i do not have plans to woo her.. we were, we are, and we will forever remain only as friends.. nothing bigger than that's gonna happen..

it's a feeling too complicated.. she's just fun to be with, that's all.. i don't see us going anywhere, anyway.. besides, she's a friend too precious to me to have her leave me, if ever things don't work out..

'nuff said..

EDIT: the thing about her being too precious? it's not only her.. it applies to all my friends as well.. yeah, that's how i treasure my friends.. and probably why i haven't had a relationship since birth.. ^_____^

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