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Thursday, August 18, 2005

tin and i have a discrete math exam tomorrow.. open notes daw, kaya no need to worry..

no need to worry? worry my ass! fuck, that loser should go to hell, where he can join his fellow i-'teach'-only-for-the-cash self-proclaimed professors.. hell, institutions should have more rigorous screening processes.. that retard 'imparting knowledge' in mapua is enough reason for the administration to seriously reconsider their criteria in selecting employees worthy enough to even set foot on the sacred grounds..

you don't care about your students! you think you care just because you don't fail students.. but what do we get in the long run, eh?

potah, i came to this school to learn, not to be manipulated..

and, oh, by the way, that man is also a maniac.. go figure.. :dissappointed:

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