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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

bought myself a brand new calculator kanina..

lost mine ages ago.. someone borrowed it, and never bothered to return it.. and stupid me forgot who i lent it to..

i was having second thoughts on buying a new one, pero i really need one na, e.. then my next problem is, what model i should buy: one like the one i lost, or a programmable one? it suddenly struck me: i can't buy a programmable one, kasi it's not allowed in board exams, and what if my prof saw it and knew it was a programmable one? baka naman s/he wouldn't let me use it during exams.. sayang lang ang calcu ko.. so i ended up buying an upgraded version of my previous calcu!

i'm satisfied with my new calculator, though.. you know casio's new natural display series? got the best model there is.. i love my fx991ES!

thing is, my mom refused to give me money to buy a new one.. at first, i was infuriated, kasi i use one everyday, and i don't have one to use.. but when i have thought it through, it became fine to me, kasi naman, it was my fault why it got lost, pati naaawa ako sa folks ko kasi we have a lot of more important things to allot money for.. so, my budget got a bit stricter..

omg.. then what the hell am i doin' surfin?! gtg!

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