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Friday, September 23, 2005

i finished having my exams earlier than most mapĂșans.. besides, what do you expect if you just have 10 units?

my Discrete Math Finals last Monday was a load of bullcrap.. the nerve of Llorente to tell us that most of the items in the departmental exam were taken from our long tests, when there was not one item that turned up! i swear, if he's the reason why i don't get a scholarship, i'll sue him.. this also serves as a lesson to all other mapĂșans: if on the first day you learn that Llorente is you prof, it's either you change sections, or you drop the subject.. take my word for it..

i finished the Discrete Math exam in just an hour.. that means i still have an hour to review for my Data Structures Finals.. my friend and i just waited outside our room, kasi our exam's at noon pa..

when it was noon na, we were wondering where our friends and classmates were, kasi noone turned up e.. so, we double-checked our exam room.. tama naman, so we asked our prof.. turns out, the exam's not until 1:00 pm.. so, pumunta muna kami sa tambayan.. leche..

the Data Structures Finals wasn't that bad.. forgot to clarify some confusing concepts, pero okay naman..

my next exam wasn't until 5:00 pm the next day.. bummer..

i should've reviewed more for my Differential Equations exam, kasi andami kong inde nasagutan, just because i forgot to memorize the integrating formulas.. peste..


sana lang talaga makakuha ako ng scho ngayon.. imagine, 20k ang matitipid ko pag full scholar ako.. sayang din yun!

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