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Monday, September 12, 2005

i had the most wonderful dream last night.. call me cheesy, call me corny, but this has got to be one of the best dreams i've had in my entire life.. the experience is so exhilirating!

i was starring in this teleserye with Bea Alonzo [i can't recall the rest of the cast, though..], although this didn't occur to me while i was dreaming kasi there weren't any cameras or sets, e.. everything was very spontaneous..

i can't remember much of the story, either [damn my short-term memory loss].. but i do remember that i was always with Bea, like i was her best friend or something.. all was going well, everything was going smoothly, the story was getting more and more compelling.. then, we reached the elevator.. someone called out Bea's character's name, we both turned around, and there was this guy who approached us.. the moment their eyes met, everything went slow-mo.. then, out of nowhere, the song Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin of Ella Mae Saison burst everywhere [imagine being startled by the sound of an orchestra, with Ella Mae starting the song with 'At kung hindi ngayon ang panahon..']..

at that moment, i was fully aware that i was in a teleserye.. weird..
apparently, the guy was her lover.. i can't remember his face, though.. but i have this strong feeling that it's John Lloyd..

just when things were getting better, Franz woke me up.. dammit..

waaaa.. can dreams get cornier than this?!

time for our MatLab finals na..

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