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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

my sked? an early warning: it ain't pretty..

see, i get to go to school for only 3 days, but each school day has, like, 12 hours each.. tough sked, eh?

i would have my COE253 and my COE251L subjects advanced next term.. geez, three labs?! the agony..

if all goes well, this should be my schedule for next term.. [i haven't included my sections for Logic kasi hindi ko na napapa-advance, e, so di ko pa alam.. ^__^ ]

> COE223 [Computer Programming 1: Lecture]
>> {A2} - MWF 0900-1030 hrs
> CUXFUN [Fundamentals Of Unix]
>> {A} - MWF 1030-1200 hrs
> COE221L [Computer Programming 1: Laboratory]
>> {B1} - M 1200-1630 hrs
> EE511L [Network Analysis 1: Laboratory]
>> {B7} - W 1200-1630 hrs
> COE251L [Logic Circuits & Switching Theory 1: Laboratory]
>> {ala pa} F 1200-1630 hrs
> EE513 [Network Analysis 1: Lecture]
>> {C10} - MWF 1630-1800 hrs
> COE253 [Logic Circuits & Switching Theory 1: Lecture]
>> {ala pa} MWF 1800-1930 hrs
> MSEG013 [Fundamentals of Materials Science & Engineering]
>> {C2} - MWF 1930-2100 hrs

if the guys at the encoding room won't let me advance those two subjects, then i have no choice but to advance ECE543 [Advanced Engineering Mathematics] {C11} (MWF 1800-1930 hrs)...

can i make it? can i get through this ordeal? imagine studying in this kind of schedule.. the horror..

i'm gonna die young.. T__T

P.S. sa mga mapĂșans jan, kung may mga common courses tayo, would you be my classmate? o kaya naman, inform me nalang kung ano section ninyo.. maybe i could make some adjustments.. *wink wink*

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