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Monday, September 05, 2005

'twas my bro's birthday yesterday.. texted him twice, and not once did i get a reply.. oh well..

since we're on the subject of birthdays, might as well note that mine's 52 days from today.. yeah, i keep track of it, too.. tapos, ate hyacinth and roxanne had their's din pala yesterday.. greeted ate, pero i don't have rox's number, so..

started my strict budget regimen today, and i'm shattered to say that i failed, and miserably at that.. T___T

also started trimming down my food intake.. like, i cut back to one cup of rice instead of two.. i'll be in noticably better shape in no time..

ate hya treated kuya bjorn and me to Dencio's at Rob's Place Manila.. the food's great, pero definitely had too much, kasi all of a sudden i can't tuck my tummy na..

and to top all those off, while we were waiting for the pizza ate hya ordered to take out, a man and his two girlmates queued to order, but the thing was, noone was attending the cashier.. the man looked around, saw me and stared for the longest time.. as i was trying hard not to look back, he approached asked me something, in nipponggo.. i was speechless, dumbfounded at least.. his girlmates quickly told him i wasn't what he thinks i was, as i slowly turned back to my group and pretended nothing happened..

yeah, nothing could beat that..

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