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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

was supposed to sit in in one of Mam Santos' Discrete Math classes.. dati, i refuse to kasi nahihiya akong pumasok whenever she races me to class first, pero i deliberately left out today's class.. kasi i want to catch the NCAA Cheerdance on Studio 23, e..

sayang.. mapĂșa didn't win this year's championship.. what's worse is that they aren't even in the top three..

word from my friend's that the cheerping cardinals only began formulating their routines last week, whereas the other teams started like three months ahead of us..

dunno 'bout you guys, but i think that serves them right.. lumaki siguro ulo nila.. just because they won last year's cup doesn't mean they should slack off, not think through it thoroughly, and expect them to end up winning..

and maybe next year, they can learn from their mistakes.. maybe they can even reclaim the trophy and prove to the world they really deserve the title..

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