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Friday, October 14, 2005

just had my first quiz in Logic1[Lec] a while ago.. tae, may mga hindi ako nasagutan!

how on earth are you going to simplify this logic expression?:

xy + x(w'z+wz') + y(w'z'+wz)

tapos, Mam Ontimare had us convert a decimal number into its equivalent octal and bi-quinary counterparts.. i was like, what the hell is bi-quinary? i assumed Mam was just testing our ability to derive the meanings of unfamiliar words.. so, i was like, quinary stands for 5, and bi stands for 'twice'.. so, i again assumed that bi-quinary is just a fancier name for decimal.. leche, hindi pala! bi-quinary pala yung number system na ginagamit sa abacus.. how on earth am i supposed to know that! sabi niya, mag-aral lang daw kami ng iba pang number systems, pero i never expected na magbibigay siya ng number system na sobrang unfamiliar.. grrr..

hala.. mababa na tuloy yung score ko! /sob

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