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Saturday, October 01, 2005

tickle told me a LOT of things..

it told me that the brightest color in your aura is yellow [that i am vibrant and am exceptional in logical, concrete thinking], that i am afraid of being unsafe [that i should know how these fears can produce devastating effects when left 'untreated'], that i'm inspired by helping people [that i'm the first to step up and lend a helping hand], that i am 37% feminine [that i am somewhat more feminine than other men, but doesn't necessarily mean i'm effeminate], that my handwriting says that i am orderly [that i generally follow the rules to keep things clear], that if i were a movie i'd be a groundbreaking documentary [that i'm an intelligent individual who makes people think]..

that i should have a career in Math and Science [kasi daw i enjoy analyzing], that my true talent is my mechanical ability [that i am good at fixing things], that i am right-brained [that i am flexible in many realms of my life]..

that i am in the 96th percentile of their brainteaser test [that i have an unusually strong ability when it comes to solving numerical problems, in finding numerical patterns, and in feeling when something doesn't add up], that i am a creative theorist [that i am a highly intelligent and complex person], that i am a visual mathemetician [that i am gifted at spotting numbers], that i am a precision processor [that i usually find ways quick ways to solve problems]..

and yet it cannot decide whether my IQ is 129 or 133.. harhar..

yeah right.. as if these quizzes are true..

ahh.. the things you do when you're bored.. you'd do anything and everything just to kill time.. besides, who takes these quizzes seriously, anyway? and they expect me to pay $12 per quiz to get each test analyzed.. sheeesh..

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