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Friday, November 11, 2005

already started making tambay sa table ng Honor Society of MapĂșa.. and i just, like, noticed that, like, i'm making conyo na right now.. hehe..

i like it there.. you can do your schoolwork without being disrupted.. the people there are fun to be with [although there are those token weirdoes and busybodies].. their logbook is much, much more orderly than JPCS's..

pero i will love both orgs equally.. that is, if i get accepted..


shet.. sobrang kinakabahan na ako dun sa interview ko sa JPCS..

they told me to where multiple layers of shorts.. what for?

they told me to bring a large hanky? what for?

they told me to learn how to do acrobatics.. what for?

they told me to prepare myself for a sobfest.. whaaa-hat?

parang ayaw ko na..


i'm in grave danger.. sooooobrang baba ng score ko in our second quiz in Logic.. not that we received it already.. let's just say mam ontimare hust gave us very strong hints..

do i really deserve to join HSM? what kind of honor will i bring the org?

i loathe myself..

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