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Friday, November 18, 2005

for all MapĂșa and Pisay peepz out there, a very important announcement!

guys, let us support {Ms. Kristine Ann Lozada}, the representative of {JPCS-MIT} and {DOST-ASM}, on the upcoming EE-ECE-COE Night dubbed {Mystique}..

she needs our help.. see, the pageant has her selling P5000 worth of popularity tickets just to meet her quota, plus the amount of tickets she sells will be part of her total score.. each ticket costs 99centavos each, so you get to save a peso for every 100 tickets you buy! what an incredible offer! [geez, the exaggerated salesman in me is swelling with pride.. hehe..]

also, she needs to sell at least ten Mystique admission passes, and each ticket is worth P450.. now, i know that seems too much for a night's worth of 'fun', but look at its perks.. you get an admission pass, a buffet meal, a souvenir, live bands & DJs, a surprise gift, and a raffle ticket.. plus, the events gonna be held at the newly-opened {Music Factory} in Remedios, Manila.. great deal, eh?

if ever you're interested in buying either Popularity Tickets or Admission Passes, just PM me, text TinTin, or just drop by the JPCS tambayan..

your purchase will mean so much to her..

a million thanks in advance!

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