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Saturday, November 26, 2005

geez, sooobrang hirap magbenta ng tickets! first, the popularity tickets for tintin, and now i have raffle tickets from HSM..

care to buy some? it would be a LOT of help..


speaking of tintin, here is the logo for the upcoming ee-ece-coe night:

Image hosted by

bili na ng tickets, bilis! P450 may sound much, pero sobrang sulit na daw ng pera natin kapag um-attend tayo jan..


IE night ngayon..

sana manalo siya..

*wink wink*


these past few days, i've been getting comments that i've lost weight..

if what they are saying is true, then that no-eating-after-six regimen seems to work for me..

sana lang..

Monarch's new episode aired 8:37 PM..

and you thought you were the only one watching..

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