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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i hate the fact that Mr. Noble is back.. he mumbles a lot! he sounds like a bulol Texan talakera..

i miss Mr. Rulloda.. /sob


Chicken Little rocks! now, my favorite movie character is 'Fish out of Water'! Dory is now next to Fish..


now i'm really loaded with schoolwork.. sobra.. i've postponed and postponed, and yet the procrastinator in me just wouldn't stop..

now, it has already taken its toll on me.. the term's about to end, that means i now have to rush all my duties just to pass my courses..

take tonight, for example.. hindi ako matutulog.. i'll do all my lab reports in LogicLab, and finish our prototype using Multisim..

just hope i could get multisim to work.. wish me luck!

now all i have to do is buy lots of sachets of coffee.. i could really use a lot tonight..

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