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Monday, November 07, 2005

i simply love november.. the time of the year where there are TONS of new releases..

i wasn't expecting any new albums from them, but somehow, tATu and Sean Paul managed to release new material.. i loved tATu's debut album, as their songs of love have electropop/dance beats, and i'm a sucker for those kinds of songs.. Sean Paul's debut was soooo hot, and his new album's carrier single is even hotter! these albums are already available in the market..

not to mention Britney's new remix LP entitled B in the Mix: The Remixes, out 22 November..

pity, i have a lot of things to spend on, leaving me with no money to purchase these CDs [maybe except for Britney's LP].. thank God for torrents! hehe..

*wink wink*

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