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Friday, November 25, 2005

today's post is all about talking behind someone's back.. early warning for you guys: this ain't gonna be pretty..


thursday last week, i had an interview for my org.. to cut things short [details in a later post], i broke down in front of them all..

after that interview, i did not want to go tambay in our table.. when i finished putting myself together, i resumed tambay-ing..

several days later, my friends asked me about what happened.. since they were close to me, applicants in the same org, and trustworthy enough to tell things to, i relayed what really happened and why it happened.. then they come making sumbong to me..

may mga lecheng pinagkakalat na umiyak ako.. it's not really a big deal if it's a day or two after the incident, pero when it's days later and still the talk of the org, most especially when you have no idea that it's what they're talking about, something is definitely not right..

leche ka.. wala ka nang nagawang matino.. gawan ba naman ng issue ang matagal nang natapos.. karmahin ka sana..


just this week, my friend told me about an incident she had with her ex..

as she went to our tambayan, she suddenly realized that her ex was there, and that they were talking about her.. nevermind the details [kasi i know he's reading and that he knows all there is to know], pero the thing is, kailangan pa ba niyang ipagkalat yung nangyari daw sa kanila?

leche ka.. ka-lalaki mong tao, daig mo pa ang mga tsismosang bakla at mga iskandalosang babae kung gumawa ng issue at magkalat ng tsismis! mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo!


yesterday, we were reading our org logbook.. in it, any applicant or member can write anything and everything that they want..

there, we saw two full pages, all written by the same friend's ex.. kung ano-ano ang mga nakasulat na kabalbalan dun.. pawang kasinungalingan.. although not all written there may be for her, still, yung mga tungkol sa kanila, and there, parang pinapalabas niya na siya yung kaawa-awa, na siya yung walang kasalanan, na siya yung naapi..

pakshet ka! alam mo na may nangyari.. you took it all the wrong way, e.. most likely hindi mo alam kung ano ang mismong rason kung bakit hindi na kayo ngayon, pero alam mong may nangyaring di kanais-nais.. pasalamat ka pa nga, pinagbigyan ka pa niya, at asa ka pang may mangyayari pa sa inyo!


this afternoon, nagkwentuhan ulit kaming magkakaibigan.. the same friend as before was very angry kanina, all because of the text messages he sent to her..

it would be pointless to put it all in here, pero, simply put, what should have been a very simple 'mistake' he made that she only corrected turned into full-fledged text war.. we read all the messages, and all i can say is that he was just trying to find an opportunity to vent all his frustrations about their break-up on her...

i pity you.. you could only rarely find an opportunity, and yet you don't play your cards right.. you should go see a psychiatrist or something..


this evening naman, there were three of us in the org table talking about him.. i know na pinagkakalat niya sa org his side of the story, and it's quite irritating kasi most of it is a lie.. so, i find an opportunity to tell somebody what really happened [not sobra that they know everything.. just enough for them to know that everything he's trying to pull is a lie..], and how we feel about what he's doing.. and then suddenly, here he comes, prancing like King Kong upon first seeing the city.. we kept hush-hush about it, waiting for him to go away.. but, noooo.. he's like a mite on a dog.. he should have went back to his concert..

i don't care kung mabasa mo man ito.. mabuti na rin at malaman mo kung ano ang nararamdaman namin sa ginagawa mo sa kanya.. and if we find out that you keep on bashing her and ruining her image, we'll make sure we'll get even..

kung ayaw mong lumabas ang totoong nangyari, tumahimik ka na lang, at huwag mo nang ituloy pa ang mga binabalak mong paninira..


i'll be waiting for what you have to say.. oh wait..

we will be waiting..

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