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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

i'm soooo hooked on Smallville right now!

i never really got to appreciate this until now.. see, back in 3rd year HS, my dormmate would drag me to the living room just to watch this.. back then, i didn't really see what was so special about this show.. i mean, come on, who'd be interested in watching how a superhero got his powers, anyway?!

fast forward to an afternoon last month.. i bought myself volumes 3 & 4 of the Best Of Friends collection.. now, it has been, like, tradition for home videos like these to have trailers and stuff to recreate that cinema-esque atmosphere.. it happens that one of the trailers in the disc is that of Smallville.. now, for me it appeared to be one for a movie, so i was so intrigued since the only Smallville i am aware of is that of a series.. and it so happened that i have seen lots of Smallville VCDs in record bars.. normally you would just dismiss them as series videos, but there are ones that i've seen that don't have any text or label that would associate it to be part of any season..

just last week, as i was shopping for christmas gifts, i again saw the stacks of questionable Smallville VCDs.. out of curiosity, i bought a copy.. later that night, i watched it as part of a movie marathon.. that fueled my interest in the series..

and then, just this night, as i was channel surfing, i caught it airing in Studio 23.. and i was surprised because Lois Lane is already in the storyline! well, it has been ages since i last updated myself on the series..

and now i'm thinking i'm such a lameass for not buying that season 1-4 boxed set i saw in quiapo.. */sob*

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