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Friday, December 16, 2005

it was only recently i realized that my wardrobe sucks big time..

see, most of my clothes are maluwag para hindi masyadong halata na chubby ako.. sabi ng iba inde naman daw, pero para sakin, i am.. i just started wearing shirts that are just right for me.. and i like it!

i'm not as chubby as i think i am pala.. kasi, napapansin ko yun, e.. whenever i wear my old shirts, mukha akong mataba talaga.. pero with my new ones, anlaki ng ipinapayat sa looks.. hay, the illusion of baggy clothes talaga..

i need a wardrobe change! that means only one thing: a lot of new clothes! [ala lang.. kasi yung mga bago ko, isa-isa kong binibili.. ngayon, isang bagsakan.. hehe..]

also, expect a lot of mapĂșa shirts.. sobrang ganda ng mga designs, e..

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