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Sunday, December 25, 2005

season's greetings, everyone! hope you guys have great ways of celebrating this day, because i sure as hell don't have any..

this christmas has got to be the most boring one i've ever had! geez, we're all stuck here in Bayombong, isolated from all our titos, titas, lolos, lolas, and pinsans.. we are the only ones here, and we don't even have any relatives nearby.. we shouldn't have left laguna in the first place.. now we're forced to spend christmas in this crummy place..

pero it's okay parin.. at least we have each other.. and i'm happy, too, because at least this year i got to give them gifts.. last year kasi, i had no money, so.. hehe..

i got my mom and dad the Sarah Geronimo concert DVD.. i knew they'd love it, kasi they wanted to see it live, but wasn't able to, since my dad had classes, and my mom had to work..

i was supposed to give my siblings the PBB DVD, but all the places i went to ran out of stock, so i gave two of them VCDs instead: the Smallville pilot, A Series of Unfortunate of Events.. i couldn't find any good video for my little sister, so i got her towels from bench..

then, when i went to quiapo, i saw this Westlife DVD for sale, and i remembered that our househelp was a big fan of theirs, so i bought it for her..

no gifts for me, though.. but that's okay.. i'll buy the Smallville boxed set i saw for me later..

again, happy holidays to you!

*wink wink*

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