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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

since the day i'm back here in Bayombong, it has been boring as hell!

how can it NOT be boring? i spent christmas with only my family, with no other relatives.. this town is so boring that there isn't a single place here that i can go to have fun.. all i do here is eat, sleep, netsurf, and watch TV & DVDs..

another thing that i hate about going home is that i'll start putting up weight again.. i mean, i've already started my after-6 diet [which worked for me].. i've already gotten the hang of it, and then i come home.. great..

i can't believe i'm saying this, but i'm already itching to go back to school.. i miss the school.. i miss the org.. i miss the canteen.. plus, i'm excited to know who my professors and my classmates will be this term.. i can tell that it'll be loads of fun..

i am sooooo looking forward to the afternoon of January 2nd..

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