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Monday, December 12, 2005

this week is mapĂșa's finals week.. but, for the unlucky few like me, it started a day earlier..


yesterday's Materials Science finals were hard as hell.. Noble shouldn't have made the exam! sana si Rulloda nalang.. leche..

sana lang pumasa ako sa MatSci..


my first exam today was for Computer Programming 1.. it was okay.. nakakainis lang kasi there are a lot of very confusing, 'which line has a mistake' questions..

sana lang pumasa ako sa C1..


the exam for Network Analysis 1 was hard as hell! most questions were all about inductors and capacitors, and yet we only rushed discussing on those.. pero many upperclassmen are saying that noone under Ms. Fausto fails Circuits1, so i just guessed the answers to all the questions i can't answer..

sana lang pumasa ako sa Circuits1..


nakita ko nanaman siya kanina, pero sandali lang.. nakakainis.. nung paalis na kami ng barkada ko, saka pa siya dumating..

well, mas maganda parin yun, kaysa naman sa hindi ko siya makita ngayon..

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