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Sunday, January 29, 2006

it has been a week since pacquiao's victory.. channel two squeezed out all the stories they can get from the rematch just to fill out the airtime they need [not to mention the supposed ratings they will reap, assuming a lot would watch everything with pacman on it]..

while my dormmates watched the Pacquiao-Morales fight in our dormitory lobby, i opted to stay in the safety of my room and instead have a Great Teacher Onizuka marathon.. curious as i was, i constantly switched from rematch to anime, since the advertized 10am fight was actually for the pre-fights..

then, it came: the match has started.. and, right then and there, i felt bad for the Filipino community.. there he was, Pacquiao giving a rather dismal performance.. i mean, geez, round one palang, ganyan na ang performance mo, ano pa kaya sa mga susunod na rounds! since i didn't want to endure seeing him getting hurt like that, only to be disappointed in the end.. so, i decided to continue watching GTO instead..

as i was enjoying crazy antics and the facial impressions of Onizuka, i heard screams coming from the houses across our window, plus a much louder scowl from our lobby.. i immediately changed channels, only to see Pacquiao beating the hell out of Morales.. of course, nagulat ako, mainly because i expected Pacquiao to be KO'd soon..

minutes later, i received an SMS from Odessa, saying that Pacquiao won the match.. i texted back to confirm if that was true, and then she replied that Pacquiao KO'd Morales in the tenth round.. so much for spoilers.. hehe..

i constantly switched from GTO to The Battle, with my heart pounding louder as the tenth round approached even closer..

and then, the pounding came to a stop.. Pacquiao managed to give Morales his first Knock-Out..

i could never have been so wrong of a person, and it happened to be the person who managed to give the Filipino people a reason to celebrate, to rejoice, and to reunite..

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