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Monday, January 30, 2006

the other day, my friends and i went to SM San Lazaro, so that i can see for myself what the fuss is all about, and for them to go KTV crazy..

before the trip there, my friend told me that there are two ways to go there.. first is through the LRT, and the second is through jeepneys.. since walking all the way from MapĂșa to the central station is quite tiring for me, i opted to ride the jeep instead..

if only i knew of the god-who-knows-how-long time it takes to get there, i would have chosen the LRT anytime..

not only did the trip last for almost an hour, but i also breathed air that is 70% carbon monoxide, inhaled awful stenches of the places the jeepney passed through, endured the stifling heat [which was intensified by various air pollutants].. ugh, just thinking about it makes me sick..

but, if the trip didn't take that long, i would never have contemplated on how lucky i am pala in life.. i mean, i saw a lot of those slums on television and in the movies, and they sure are heart-wrenching.. but what i saw during the trip made me realize how protected and sheltered we were..

the buildings were very cramped, it would be horrifying to imagine if a fire would start there.. street children walking around, some of them even inhaling rugby.. sidewalks that looked scary even for walking, for fear of being robbed or cornered.. there are even more horrid snapshots i can't recall, and it better stay that way..

i envy those who can get what they want within reach.. now that i saw all this, it makes me feel happy and contented with what i have right now..

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