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Monday, February 13, 2006

earlier today i had my Humanities class.. we talked about Hinduism, and from there, our discussion branched out..


my prof said that Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity.. is he really? i mean, how can he be the founder of something that existed even before his birth?

nagtatanong lang..


our prof also said that a principle of Hinduism is that Man creates his own destiny, and that Karma is dependent on the choices we make.. if one does something good, he gets something good in return..

hindi na yata ako maniniwala dito.. hindi naman magaganda ang pagtrato ng iba sakin, lalo na dun sa pinagpapasensyahan ko nalang sa ka-manhid-an..


another principle of Hinduism is Reincarnation.. totoo ba ito?

ewan ko lang, ha.. basta kung totoo man, feeling ko prosti ako sa past life ko..

feeling lang naman..


para sa akin, hindi kapani-paniwala ang sinabi ng prof ko na there are around 33 million gods daw in Hinduism, and that every object has a soul, ergo a respective god.. there are also gods for abstract things like events and emotions..

if so, that means there is a god of poop, a god of toilets, a god of water purifiers, a god of cellphones, a god of computers.. i could go on forever..

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