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Sunday, February 26, 2006

gusto ko nang mag-shift!

computer engineering [CoE] isn’t what i thought it would be.. or maybe i expected too much from my program or my school.. i don't hear seniors talking about doing what computer technicians do, like troubleshooting hardware & software, seeing if there are any burnt or dirty computer parts, or fixing the OS if something's not working..

sana nag-CS, IM o IT nalang ako.. at least there lies my true passion: programming, web design, multimedia, mobile technology, etc..

sana nag-Accounting nalang ako.. actually, a lot of us in high school got scholarships in UE if we would be part of the pioneer batch of their CS-Accounting double degree.. sana kinuha ko nalang yun.. free airconditioned dorm a block away from the campus, free internet, free tuition & miscellaneous fees, book allowance, uniform allowance, transportation allowance, access to their massive collection of international journals.. haay, sayang yun..

sana nag-Statistics nalang ako.. math din lang naman yun.. i'm sure it's harder that accounting math but deifinitely less complex than engineering math.. tapos, sabi ng HS prof ko, madali daw yumaman dun..

sana nag-Journalism nalang ako.. i mean, i may not be that good, pero kahit papaano i know i could be better.. hindi kasi masyadong ginagamit ang writing skills sa engineering [expect sa paggawa ng sandamakmak na lab reports], plus my brain's not working as efficiently as before.. plus, when we graduated high school, we were required to take science-related [minus medical] courses in college, else they blacklist us in every embassy so that we couldn't get out of the country, and that we pay them Php.100k per year that we studied there.. tae, mag science course ka nalang..

sana nag-MassCom nalang ako.. like ko rin pala yung mga ginagawa dun.. pati pang behind-the-scenes lang naman, so wala lang yung stage fright thing ko..

sana nag-Psychology nalang ako.. i got interested in the field of psychology.. but then i found out that what i wanted to do was in AB Psych, not BS Psych.. t_ngina..

i feel my world is closing in on me..

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