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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

hafi balentime's they, ebribadi!


it's valentine's day, and yet i do not have anyone to share it with.. so, to ease myself a little, i treated myself to a salad, some sweets, and the new Christian Bautista CD..


i've never seen a mall so jampacked.. i mean, people did not thrive malls like this when it was christmas or graduation season..

or maybe it's just me..


actually, i didn't really feel the essence of valentine's day today as much as last saturday..

i'm not really much of a follower of other people's love stories, but last saturday's episode of PBB, which showcased the housemates' first nomination night, was very saddening.. call me cheesey, but the moment i saw roxie's face when toni announced rico’s nomination, i was heart broken.. you can see that roxie felt the same way too, even though she nominated rico herself..

even before the announcement, the show focused on the two’s confession and reconciliation.. their story somehow uplifted me..

shame, the moment lasted only for a while..


two movies i’ve been anticipating will be shown tomorrow..

first one’s close to you.. sh_t, Bea’s just too beautiful and charming to resist!

next is brokeback mountain.. it’s intriguing because despite its nature, it has won many awards and has gotten great reviews.. even some of my friends recommend the movie..

pero siyempre i’ll first go for close to you, kasi brokeback won’t be shown in SM cinemas, e.. ^__^

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