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Saturday, February 25, 2006

my alma mater is facing a very serious issue right now..

it is the death of a first year student in the Cagayan Valley campus.. even though i don't know the girl personally, i feel saddened of what happened..

the girl, K-Ann [not to be confused with Kristine Ann Lozada, ha?! paging Jacs.. hehe..], fell off a cliff, then crashed into a pool at the foot of the mountain/hill.. sounds unbelieveable, right? of all the different ways you can die, ganito pa e, no? di pa nakuntento, combo pa! gory..

she was brought to the hospital at around 3pm yesterday, DoA.. coincidentally, my dad was on duty when she was brought in.. he immediately texted my mom and my brothers, so our family was one of the first to know..

you may wonder what exactly is the girl doing in such area.. well, my brothers can only assume that she and her classmates were doing their Noli Me Tangere video/comic book.. to the uninformed, every freshman class has to come up with either a comic book or a movie of the Rizal novel as a project in their Filipino class.. maybe the script called for filming in such location, tapos she went back a step too far..

please be reminded that the given explanation is just a speculation.. the official statement of the PSHS-CVC administration shall be given on monday's flag ceremony.. hope some undergrads will enlighten us on this issue in the future..

let us pray for the soul of K-Ann, her family, the PSHS-CVC family, and the poor professor who may be held accountable for what happened.. T_T

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