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Thursday, February 23, 2006

our safety engineering report turned out to be better than i had expected it to be..

minutes before our report, i was all panicky.. as in i can't recall what i'm supposed to say, i was shaking in my seat, i was sweating my ass off.. sobrang hindi ko na talaga alam ang gagawin ko..

then, aside from some technical difficulties, concepts which weren't explained properly, misconstructed sentences, and grammatical errors, the report turned out well..

i was even particularly proud of the slideshow i made kasi it was very professional.. kasi in some the past reports, the text size was too small so that it can accomodate all the text, or the presentaion contained almost the whole report, or the text color made the text almost impossible to read.. plus, yung theme na ginamit ko, ako ang gumawa using photoshop..

feeling ko lang ha: sir liked our report.. kasi naman it is his field of expertise.. he kept on feeding supplementary information so that the class can understand the report more..

sana naman mataas ang makuha namin na grade sa kanya.. anlaki ng part ng report and documentation sa final grade computation.. @_@

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