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Thursday, March 16, 2006

first UBE [Ultimate Bonding Experience] na kumpleto kami! woohoo!

get to know the UBE gang:
L-R: Monarch, Kristine, Janessa, Lorraine, Pierce, Reneiro, Angelique

astig ng shot kasi medyo maangas ang dating.. pero sabi ni raine, parang cast ng noontime show..

thank god the bunny, the chick, and the teddy in the background weren't in the frame..

si angel, may sungay.. hehe..

give me a leather coat, and i'll go ala-Brokeback..

a photoshoot won't be complete without a wacky pose..

Monarch's new episode aired 10:57 PM..

and you thought you were the only one watching..

viewers watched the show..
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