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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

philippine science high, thou stands above with thy thoughts that lift,
and fit all thy sons with wings, to lend us flight in the sowing of our gifts..

oh, philippine science high, thy wisdom arms our youth,
as we reach for our dreams, as we strive for our goals, as we search for the untarnished truth..

philippine science high, the PSHS in us will grow,
and go as we wonder o'er, the crests and troughs of the sea of life that flows..

oh, philippine science high, thy light our beacon be,
in our path through the world, in our fight for our right,
in pursuit of a glorious dream..

malapit na ang graduation day ng kapatid ko.. naalala ko tuloy yung akin.. isa yun sa mga araw na hinding-hindi ko malilimutan.. hindi lang para sa mga magagandang ala-ala na iniwan nito, kundi para rin sa napakaraming bagay that went horribly wrong that day..

tama na.. kukulo lang lalo dugo mo..

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