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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There is someone out there for me
I know she is waiting so patiently
Can you tell me her name?
This life-long search is gonna drive me insane
How does she laugh? How does she cry? What's the color of her eyes?
Does she even realize I'm here?

Where is she? Where is this beautiful girl?
Who is she? Who is gonna complete my world?

I'm staring out at the sky
Praying that he will walk in my life
Where is the man of my dreams
I'll wait forever, how silly it seems
How does he laugh? How does he cry? What's the color of his eyes?
Does he even realize I'm here?

Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is gonna take me so high?


i only just realized that i'm arcane in my own right..

maybe that's the reason why i'm still waiting for the right one..

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