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Saturday, March 18, 2006

thursday night my mother called me to ask me to run a couple of errands for her.. the first one's about my brother's UST application [his requirement submission conflicts with his graduation day].. the next one's for me to call CSB regarding a scholarshup for japan..

nagulat ako.. para sakin pala yung isa.. so, yesterday i called the numbers posted in the broadsheet ad, and after numerous busy tones, it finally picked up.. after entering a lot of locals, one came through and a girl received my call..

tae, the exam consists of exams on science, math, and nihonggo.. the science and math parts, i can do, but nihonggo? naknang naman..

kaya tuloy hindi nanaman ako matutulog ngayon gabi.. crash course on the japanese language..

kala ko matatapos na kalbaryo ko pagkatapos ng finals.. inde pa pala..

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