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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bianca Gonzales deserves to win the Celebrity Edition of Pinoy Big Brother.. hands down..

ako ang naaawa para sa kanya.. it is unfair to judge bianca just because she became really close to zanjoe.. for starters, we can't exactly say how we would react to the situation if we were in her place.. it's easy to say that we wouldn't, but i'm sure it'll be hard when we're actually there.. besides, it wouldn't be fair to her to be judged solely on the bianjoe issue.. she has done a hell lot of great things before PBB, and all of those were overshadowed by the public's perception of her being unfaithful? bullcrap!

bianca, isa kang huwaran sa kabataang pilipino.. nawa'y ikaw ang manalo! cheers!

and, for the record, i didn't vote for her.. not once.. kahit sa bet ko sa season 1, di parin ako bumoto.. waste of money, imho..

UPDATE [11:43 pm]: dammit! bianca's out.. well, at least she placed higher than zanjoe.. pfft..

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