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Saturday, May 20, 2006

i got my wallet back today! yay! thank god i haven't told my folks yet.. hehe..

apparently, the thief took what he thought was all the money i had and left it on the school gym floor.. this girl saw it and searched for any identification.. thankfully there was a receipt with my name on it.. for some reason she managed to get my number from a common friend and texted me..

thankfully the thief didn't care enough to look for loot in my wallet's sleeves.. when i got it back today, my savings were still there! that means i just lost a few hundred pesos.. w000t!

shame the blessed girl was on the grumpy side.. i would have made friends with her, kaso nga lang she seems uninterested with the idea.. may god bless her soul pa rin..

i am sooooooo blessed..

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