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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i lost my wallet today.. f_ck..

the sad thing about it is that i was supposed to empty it last night.. it;s just that i forgot to..

buti pa si decci, glasses lang.. ako? wala lang.. isang wallet nga lang naman na may laman na napalaking halaga, mga dokumentong importante, at yung ATM card ko.. t_ngina..

and i can't even imagine how i would tell my folks about it.. walang lusot, kailangang sabihin sa kanila, e.. wala akong mapapagutangan ng pang-allowance.. plus kailangang sabihin kasi di ko alam ang account details ko sa banko, e si mama ang maglalakad nun..

sayang yung ipon ko dun.. i would start going to the gym sana tomorrow had i not lost my wallet..

and what's worse is that i still have a lot of bills to pay.. sh_t, i was supposed to pay some dues in our org.. hell, i'm planning to pay back decci if ever our Da Vinci meet-up would push through.. now i don't even have the money to watch the damn movie..

definitely one of the worst days of my life..


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