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Thursday, June 01, 2006

i once considered entering the call-center industry as a part-time agent.. pero i scrapped it off my list the moment i realized it would be very taxing to commute all the way to work and come back too exhausted to accomplish school stuff..

just the other day i realized the perfect job for me.. when a friend and i went to Starbucks Intramuros, there was this girl who asked for an application form, since she wanted to work there..

it struck me as my perfect part-time job! it's close to my dorm, the work hours are not that long, the pay's pretty good, i get to practice my english and my accent, and i even get a daily food allowance [for the employees to get their daily fix of biscottis and frappes]..

i'll get a form first thing on saturday.. part-time employment here i come! w0000t!

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