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Monday, June 26, 2006

i'm sorry to say this, Raine, pero that's one birthday gift you won't get from me..

i won't provoke him.. i won't start any fights.. heck, i won't even bring it up..

i just don't like the idea of having to compromise when i'm not the one who's at fault.. no, i won't stoop down to that level.. for once i'm going to stand up for myself.. i'm not going to take all the blame for this.. i'm sick and tired of all that sh_t..

only when i receive his concession will your wish be granted..

if only you knew how that incident hit me deep down.. geez, i haven't felt pain, anguish and regret like that in years..

and by the way, only when you two have mustered enough courage to tell me everything you know will i reveal to you who the true Monarch really is.. to hell with him, he doesn't have the right to just assume at ipagduldulan sa pagmumukha ko yun! and that goes for everyone i know as well!

and please, wag kang maiyak dahil samin.. really, it's not worth crying over.. really really.. pati, naaawa ako sa iyo, e.. tuloy, naluluha rin tuloy ako.. T__T


wondering what the hell i'm blabberin' about? maybe you'll find out soon enough..

ayun lang po.. ^__^ [tangina, nakuha pang magbiro sa ganitong sitwasyon.. hehe..]

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