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Friday, June 02, 2006

just came back from our school outing.. it was a good day.. it was in a resort in Lipa, pero didn't swim.. nahihiya pa ako sa katawan ko, e.. hehe.. so i just granted my given role as the official group photographer.. the stifling heat, which i had to endure while i followed my friends around as they transferred from one pool to another, gave me a mild sunburn.. well, at least i got a great view of my crushes.. UBER-HOT! w0000t! haha..


i find the gym here in intramuros intimidating, so i'm putting off the idea of bodybuilding for a while.. so, i just bought a new set of diet pills.. got it from the same drug store where i got my banig of Zhen De Shou.. the clerk suggested this pill named Goodliness.. i just hope it's effective, unlike its name.. *gags*

anyway, i'm gonna start taking it tomorrow.. sana lang this time i'm not allergic to this one.. ^__^


this made my day: Grammatical Errors That Make You Cringe

this one post made me laugh hysterically.. well, in my mind, at least.. the most i can blurb out when i'm alone is a chuckle..

Buy 2 pant, get one pant free.


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