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Friday, June 30, 2006

my life is soooo f_cked up right now..

what started as an academically-excellent term is rapidly turning into this quarter sent from the fiery depths of hell.. t_ngina, i thought i was doing well with schoolwork, only to be given a reality check upon realizing how low my end-of-term marks are.. and to think i even thought i'd get a scholarship this term.. ugh..

plus, i'm soooo unprepared to leave my dorm.. i love it here, and yet i have no choice but to move-out.. now i'm forced to transfer to another dorm.. and after a couple of months of searching, i have to settle in one that has toilets that don't flush.. *wails*

not to mention my mom's sudden loss of trust in me.. dunno what's gotten into her.. and now she insists that she pay for my tuition herself.. what's up with that?

good god, help me with this dilemma..

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