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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i know you are talking behind my back.. i just laughed when you tried to retaliate/defend yourself when you said that you're not the only ones talking.. heck, nobody even needs to say anything.. i can figure that out by myself.. it's pretty obvious, anyway..

i don't care what they think of me.. screw them! who are they to judge me, anyway? but, just a reality check: what sets you guys apart from them is the fact that you are what i thought to be my friends..

i dunno about you, but in my world, friends don't stab each other's backs.. they tell each other, in a nice way, of their mistakes, but never talk behind their back.. never..

so if you manage to read this, at least you now know why i'm pretty short with you lately.. i just can't believe that a person i considered a very good friend would do such a thing.. *shakes head*


pardon me for the sudden mood swing, pero i'm soooo freakin' happy right now! pano ba naman kasi, i managed to convince my mom to change her mind.. so that means i'm not going to file for an LOA! w000000t!

at least those numerous counts of pleading and begging finally paid off! hehehe..


excuse me, but i just couldn't pass this up: ha! that means you must be pretty pissed off right now.. you just practically wasted all your time doing him favors, and all that went down the drain, just like that.. the next time you see me, deep inside i'm snickering at your defeat.. *insert pheobe & joey's evil plan laugh here*

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