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Saturday, July 15, 2006

it saddens me that you have to resort to name-dropping and paninira just to quench your thirst for revenge.. and not just a shallow, sarcastic melancholy.. as in deep, heartbreaking, parang walang pinagsamahan-state of depression..

they were right, ignorance is bliss nga pala talaga.. i'd rather not know, kasi when i found out, i realized na masakit pala na mamulat sa katotohanan na bumababa na pala ang respeto mo sa isang taong minsa'y naging malapit sa iyo..

and you know what hurts me more? it's the sad realization that someone who has a reputation of being wise and critical is willing to sacrifice her credibilty by allowing herself to be blinded by their friendship..

if this 'petty fight' will divide the barkada, then i'd rather leave the group.. i'd hate to see things end up that way..

i'll leave for the barkada, yet i still won't sacrifice my pride..

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