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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

things i did in the past few days:

  • visited my bro in EspaƱa, kasi ala na akong pera.. hehe.. ^__^
  • attempted to fix Tin's laptop's DVD-R problem, but to no avail..
  • bought a lot of chips in 7-11.. at nagda-diet na ako sa lagay na ito..
  • browsed though all my mp3 cds and saved my faves in my hard drive..
  • rewrote my notes in Circuits 2, Tronix 1, Numericals, and Mechanics..
  • compiled lots of playlists, including dance, trance, OPM, nostalgia, RnB, and Disney..
  • went to NSO to get a copy of my lolo's Death Cert, only to find out they're closed due to the typhoon..
sana bukas makapag-review na ako sa Circuits quiz namin.. ilang beses nang na-postpone e..

four fucking days with nothing matino to do brought a whole new definition to boredom.. *sigh*

Monarch's new episode aired 9:07 PM..

and you thought you were the only one watching..

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