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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

they said the taping would be at 5pm.. dammit, we started at 7:30pm! i didn't expect it to end as late as 9:30pm, kaya nga i wasn't able to brush up on Circuits 2.. kasi naman, i have an exam tomorrow! cursed Filipino time..

while the other contestants were busy ogling at Jason, Franzen and Jody, i was starstruck when Maria Ressa passed by.. omg! i still can't believe i saw the great Maria Ressa!

when i saw Mitch, i wanted to talk to her and tell her how much i enjoy her blog.. but then again, she may get weirded out and mistake me as a stalker.. kasi naman, i thought, how would i react if somebody suddenly approached me and told me that s/he reads my blog? it wouldn't look cool..

i have a prophecy: Bayani Agbayani will win saturday's episode.. and he will remain the defending winner until the next celebrity episode..

*i hear someone shouting "curse you, false prophet!" from afar.. hehe..*

Monarch's new episode aired 11:13 PM..

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